Keeping Up With the Goldbergs

Who doesn’t love a binge watch, am I right? For the past few weeks, I found myself only watching ABC’s The Goldbergs. A light, easy, and genuinely funny sitcom, this show served as a perfect companion as I’ve struggled with a bit of grad school decisions stress.

The 80’s-themed sitcom tells a fictionalized version of its creator’s life story, even giving us little looks into real home movies from back in the 80s. The show begins when Adam is a younger child, following his antics growing up geeky and film-obsessed in the 80s.

As the show progresses, we see Adam grow into a teenager and follow his siblings’ own growth from teenagers themselves to their college years (as of writing this post!). We cannot forget Beverly, the “smother” based very much so on the real Adam Goldberg’s mother. She is a passionate, albeit sometimes crazy mom who just wants the best for her kids.

The Goldbergs does a wonderful job bringing you into the family and engrossing you in their stories. You spend seasons rooting for their successes, mourning their losses, and enjoying every minute of it all.

I find myself caught up now, having enjoyed 7 full seasons and a few episodes of the eighth, and unsure of where to go from here. It’s been a while since we had a great family ensemble like this one that’s lasted this long.

Without any specific storyline spoilers, if you’re looking for a good sitcom to binge, I recommend this one… And if you’ve seen it like me, I’d love your recommendations for any similar feel-good shows in the comments down below!

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